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We are a program management consultancy firm.

We assist organisations transform and grow through strategic planning, operational management and partnerships with a strong drive
towards innovation and social impact.

We create, manage and promote corporate programs & community projects that spur innovation and change.

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Some of our current and recent engagements

Searching for Startup Heroes in 10 ASEAN cities.

Next Stop: Vientiane
16 Oct 2017

20 Oct 2017


Intellia Ventures is proud to be one of the partners for ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2017.

The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (ARBSA), organised by New Entrepreneurs Foundation, celebrates the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in the startup ecosystem.

The Awards reward excellence, best practice and innovation in startups across the region. It also recognizes the excitement, risk and hard-work involved in developing a startup and the influence each person has on driving the success of their company.

The Rice Bowl is a showcase of Southeast Asia’s best startups and ecosystem players.

ARBSA aims to bring light to exemplary entrepreneurship and inspire a networking community of startup enthusiasts, serial entrepreneurs, policy makers and diverse mentors on the entrepreneurship agenda of digital tech innovation.

Entering its third year, it showcases South East Asia’s skills, achievements and innovation in businesses. The Award is a hallmark of excellence and the featured startups provide the benchmark, inspiration and example to others.


Some of our Notable Project Engagements are as follows.

Cancer Awareness Programs

Good Health and Well Being

Educating the public on cancer prevention, and empowering survivors and caregivers on leading quality lives after cancer

Dengue-Free Community 

Good Health and Well Being

Engaging, educating and providing 100,000 anti-dengue kits to households at selected dengue hotspots

Financial Literacy Roadshow

Quality Education

Educating the public on the fundamentals of financial planning and savings, thus ensuring they make informed decisions when investing

ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 


Recognizing and celebrating the best of the best startup entrepreneurs in the region

Light-A-Village with Clean Energy

Affordable and Clean Energy

Harnessing solar energy to provide light and 24 hours internet and telephone system in a remote village in Sarawak

Microturbine Cogeneration System

Affordable and Clean Energy

Integrating an 80 kW micro-turbine to generate electricity, natural gas and hot water of up to 80°C for leaching

Self-Defense Workshops for Women


Empowering women and children on how to protect themselves against violence.

Our Inspiration

Be the Change

All Programs that Intellia Ventures create and develop are inspired by the United Nation's Millennial Goals


Shamir C.A.

Shamir is a Strategist with a Chemical Engineering background. He has 20 years experience in Project Sales and Development. Areas of expertise also include Business Process Modeling and System Integration for Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals.

Rubi Dahlan

Rubi has over 20 years of Project Management and Marketing Communications experience in the financial and non-profit sectors. Notably, she was the Chief Executive of two cancer NGOs. Her passion lies in promoting health, education and safety issues for women and children.


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